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The Shimano Squidgies Wriggler Soft Plastic Lure is one of the three original Squidgy tail designs, Shimano’s Squidgy Wriggler has its own spin on the deadly but traditional curly-tailed grubs of the past.

The Wriggler incorporates a fine tail that exerts super-fast vibrations, as well as belly flaps that create both a distinctive sonic presence and displays the impression of legs.

The Wriggler imitates like no other soft plastic on the market today, closely mimicking the swimming action of many Australian marine worms, shrimps, prawns and other invertebrates, making this Shimano’s ultimate "finesse plastic". The Squidgy Wriggler remains one of Australia’s most recognisable and iconic soft plastics on the market.

Available in: 65MM, 80MM, 100MM, 120MM, 140MM, 160MM

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