Twin Hook Flasher Rigs

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The Jarvis Walker Ultimate Edition Flasher Rigs are designed to flash and sparkle to get the attention of the fish you are chasing! These rigs are perfect for mackerel, trevally, queenfish, kingfish, snapper, and a range of other species.

The Flasher Rigs are available in a variety of hook sizes (2/0, 4/0, and 6/0) and several colour patterns, these Flasher Paternoster Rigs are designed for jigging fish for the table or for larger baits.

Whether you fish the Flasher Paternoster Rigs straight out of the packet or add a little bait to the hooks for extra attraction, these colourful and attention-grabbing rigs are certain to attract and entice fish to strike.

  • Effective on many species
  • Rovex monofilament leader
  • Chemically sharpened hooks
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