Squidgies Bio Tough Fish Soft Plastic

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The Shimano Squidgies Bio Tough Fish Soft Plastic Lures combines the latest in environmental technologies with the ever popular Squidgies Fish shape. It combines the best of shad, T-tail and swim-bait features, but with a unique Squidgies twist that sees it pounding out a tail beat, rolling its body seductively and rippling those trademark belly flaps, the new Squidgies Bio Tough Fish is a genuine world-beater!

Squidgies Bio Tough Fish combines Dura Stretch toughness with our new 'Synthetic Bioplastic' making it possible to merge superior strength and durability with at least 50% Biodegradability. Shimano Squidgies Bio Tough integrates these features with our existing UV treatment to further enhance lure presence and ensure your plastic lasts longer.

Not only will you have the benefit of utilising a proven fish attracting soft plastic design but will now be able to use it over and over again. Lasting through many fishing adventures.

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  • Up to 50% Biodegradable
  • High Stretch Elastomer
  • Ultra Tough Long Lasting
  • Made In Japan
  • Size Range: 70MM to 100MM
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