Snatcher KL/ Circle Rigs

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The Black Magic KL Circle Snatcher Rigs have been proven to catch a huge range of species. These rigs are self-hooking making them great for kids and anglers of all skill levels.

These KL Snatcher Rigs can be placed in the rod holder and left alone and are great when using multiple rods. For the best result, rods that have integrated tip technology (bendy rod) are preferred and for extra appeal add a small triangle of bait – avoid blocking the gape.

  • The original proven flasher rigs.
  • Hand rigged in New Zealand for over 25 years.
  • Black (KL) lacquer coating means it’s hard for fish to spot. Red over gold (KL Red) coating induces strikes as well as making them rust resistant for a longer life
  • Soft lumo beads make the rigs even more enticing in deep water or at night
  • All rigs include quality Japanese made Black Magic hooks, Tough Trace and barrel swivels
  • Advanced knots, batch tested for strength
  • Extreme UV and/or lumo materials for unequalled visibility
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