Seaford Bait

If you are after some high-quality fishing bait, Seaford Bait is for you! Vacuum sealed to keep fresh and preventing air deteriorating the flesh of the bait. Seaford Bait is delivered at -20 Degrees and is put straight into our on-site freezers ensure the condition of the bait is preserved.

The most common fishing bait from Seaford Bait is the WA pilchards. Seaford Bait provides firm WA pilchards which helps keep your bait on the hook and due to their oily consistency, the fish love them! In addition Seaford Bait also pride themselves on their high-quality burley logs. Available in 1.5, 2 and 3Kg logs you are guaranteed to be fishing with materials that have come from the sea! Made from the waste of Southern fish species including pilchards, garfish, salmon, barracouta, mackerel, and flathead.

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McLaughlin’s Bait

McLaughlin’s Bait is also vacuum sealed to ensure you always have the freshest bait! With deliveries regularly throughout peak season and winter you can be confident your are using quality and fresh bait!

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Live Bait

Compleat Angler Pakenham stocks live worms ready for you to head straight out fishing! Our worms are fresh and sourced locally. Kept in conducive conditions ready by the tub!

* Worms are available In-Store Only – Availability may vary depending on season and demand.