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The Jinkai Premium Leader is a co-polymer material which exhibits monofilament and fluorocarbon properties. It is almost as clear as fluorocarbon, almost as abrasive resistant as fluorocarbon but it has more stretch than fluorocarbon. This line is ideal for stealthy bait-fishing for soft mouthed fish or hard-body lure fishing. It is a great choice for trout or any situation where stretch, forgiveness and stealth is a requirement.

Jinkai is produced from a precise blending nylons that have unleashed a line with extraordinary capabilities. As the line is extruded, nylon molecules are polarized to maintain a soft center with a tight outer surface. This allows Jinkai to remain sensitive and responsive, yet provides incomparable toughness and strength in micro-fine diameters.

  • Powerful tensile and knot strength
  • Perfect softness and sensitivity
  • Low stretch for greater control
  • Unequalled resistance to abrasion
  • Minimal change from dry to wet test strength
  • Impressively small diameters and greater reel-fill capacity
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