Pie Oven Tray

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The oven try by Road Chef is designed to fit the Road Chef 12volt oven. Providing maximum airflow around the meal being cooked. The reduced air flow allows cooler air to build up near the meal surfaces causing slower, uneven cooking. The design of this Road Chef oven baking tray allows hot air to easily circulate around the meal, picking up the heart faster and cooking more evenly.

  • Tongue on front and back of tray for easy removable
  • Large air flow holes for greater convection
  • Air gap between the tray and oven for even heat transfer
  • 304 Stainless steel
  • Easy to clean
  • Rail holder mount creating airgap under tray
  • Room to store 2 racks while using baking tray


  • 24cm x 26cm x 4cm H
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