One Shot Mono Fishing Line

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Maxima fishing line has been designed in three colours that are specifically designed for different styles of fishing. Maxima fishing line is made from a durable and abrasion resitant material perfect for casting and is easy to spool!

The Maxima Ultra Green line becomes virtually invisible underwater, particularly in freshwater and inshore coastal waters. Ultragreen is the best all-around line for a variety of freshwater and general saltwater fishing. Spools and casts well on spinning, bait casting and larger conventional reels. Ultragreen’s invisibility under water also makes it ideal for leader material.

The Maxima Fibre Glow line is a uniquely coloured, high visibility line that is perfect for tracking lines and detecting subtle strikes. It is also ideal for night fishing with “black light” that causes the line to glow luminescent.

Maxima’s exclusive Chameleon colour has the unique property of changing hues to match the colour of the surroundings, for invisibility in water that is cloudy or lightly stained. Designed for freshwater lakes and rivers, this line has the toughest finish of all line brands on the market. It is ideal for casting and flipping around rocks, brush and other snags. Chameleon works perfectly on both bait casting and conventional reels, and it makes an ideal fly leader material, especially for the butt section of tapered leaders.

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