Livebait Hooks

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The Live Bait Hooks from Black Magic are long shanks made in Japan with a precision crafted and super sharp, chemically sharpened point.

The Live Bait hooks are for small and large livebaits. great for John Dory, Snapper, Kingfish, Amberjack, Hapuka, Bluenose, Tuna and other larger sized bottom dwelling species as well as live bait rigs.

  • Long shanks for positive hook-ups
  • Easy hook removal
  • Thick wire gauge
  • Black lacquer coating means it is hard for fish to spot. This coating also allows the hook to rust away quickly if left in a fish’s mouth. To help avoid corrosion, wash the hook after use, dry and spray with a protective coating. (e.g. Inox, CRC, WD40 etc.) Store separately from unused hooks
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