Groper Grabber Rigs

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The Black Magic Groper Grabber rigs are great for all bottom species including Groper/Hapuku, Bass, Bluenose, large Blue Cod and big Snapper.

This Groper Grabber rig is a large tough rig for large tough fish and incorporates 300lb Tough Trace for exceptional abrasion resistance, rigged on self-hooking KL Red 8/0 recurve hooks

  • Self hooking at depth
  • The KL is a recurve or circle hook. Originally conceived as a cross between a “Longline” hook and a wide gap or kahle hook. It has a straight eye and an offset point.
  • Designed to “self hook” and ensure most fish are hooked in the corner of the mouth. Do not strike. Leave the drag on and the fish will hook themselves. The KL hook will roll into the corner of the mouth with very few gut hooks
  • Made of medium gauge high carbon steel wire making a strong hook with a solid hook-up rate
  • 3 luminous colours to choose from – blue, pink and red
  • Black Magic flasher rigs are assembled and packaged in New Zealand, incorporating the best components, ensuring a quality product so you get the best results
  • Hooks manufactured in Japan with a precision crafted and super sharp, chemically sharpened point
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