Garfish Swimbait

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The Reel It In Garfish Swimbait Lure is 265mm 55g in size and has proven to be a lure that catches fish. 

An ultra realistic swimbait designed to sink and allow you to work different depths. 6 segments makes the action on our Garfish second to none and is a weapon against many predatory species including XLFlathead, Barra, Kingfish and pretty much anything that hits a baitfish.


  • Allow the swimbait to sink to the depth you are fishing and then wind with a steady retrieve. Alter your retrieve speed to impart a more radical action.
  • Add a few rod tip flicks to make your Garfish dart around. Often it these variations in the retrieve that will entice the fish  to strike and then, on your next movement….BANG!!!, its on.
  • The REEL IT IN Garfish can be worked in shallow water with your rod tip high or can be worked to 3-4 meters by allowing it to sink and retrieving with a lower rod tip.
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