Flat Shad Pro Soft Plastic Lure

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The Zerek Flat Shad Pro is a soft plastic paddle tail lure that has proven to catch fish! This Zerek Lure has been designed to be a snagless paddle tail that has hook setting ability. It is made from a tough TPE material that is environmentally friendly.

The Zerek Flat Shad's patented materials allow the plastic to stretch an incredible 10x its original length before even looking like breaking. This makes for an incredibly tough body that can be used again and again whether you're chasing fish in tough country or you're simply chasing tough fish with nasty fangs!

The Flat Shad sports a hollow belly and two slits on either side of the body that allow the lure to compress horizontally and vertically meaning that the weedless hook is easily exposed when a fish strikes.

Coming pre-rigged on a weighted, chemically sharpened Mustad worm hook, the Flat Shad's body simply crushes down under any pressure when rigged this way, exposing the extra strong worm hook. It really is the best of both worlds: Highly snag resistant and exceptional hook setting ability all built into one lure.

On the fall the Flat Shad rolls and shimmies and comes to a rest on the bottom with a tail up attitude. In any current at all the tail continues to pulsate and additionally with the slightest of movements by the angler the tail kicks into action immediately. And fish will pick this lure up off the bottom if given the chance.

ZSWFS35_Zerek Flat Shad 3.5"1028
ZSWFS45_Zerek Flat Shad 4.5"1728
ZSWFS5_Zerek Flat Shad 5"2328
ZSWFS7_Zerek Flat Shad 7"6114
ZSWFS9_Zerek Flat Shad 9"11111
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