DX Point Hooks

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The DX Point Hooks by Black Magic have the J hook pattern with a straight eye and offset point which is designed for striking when the fish bites or runs with the bait.

These DX Hooks are suitable for tough boney jaw species such as Snapper and are ideal for smaller bait fishing such as worms. These hooks are safer to use when you catch and release as majority of the hook ups are in the jaw due to the penetrating power.

  • DX POINT hooks are PTFE coated for superior penetration and corrosion resistance
  • Medium gauge high carbon steel wire
  • Ultra sharp and superior penetration with 4 micro cutting edges tapering into a super sharp point that gives the ultimate in penetration for tough mouthed fish.
  • The slippery nature of the PTFE coating reduces friction, improves penetration and extends the life of the hook point
  • Cost effective - outlasts most other hooks - you won’t need to change hooks as often
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