Condition Sauce - UV Protection

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Vinyl, Leather & Rubber UV Protecting and Moisturizing Spray

The Bling Condition Sauce allows you to protect your investment. Unlike generic surface dressings that leave greasy, slippery residue, Condition Sauce is a functional UV protectant designed to block the sun’s harmful rays, prevent fading, cracking and discoloration from vinyl, leather, rubber and plastic while moisturizing the material to provide the stunning ‘like new’ look.

  • Simple spray on, wipe off application
  • Provides UV protection for vinyl, leather, rubber and plastic
  • Protects against fading, cracking and discoloration
  • Contains moisturizers for the stunning ‘like new’ look without a slippery or greasy appearance
  • Perfect for rubber tires, moldings, rubrails, and RV roof seams
  • Capacity: 946ml
SKU: SA324021

Tech Tip

Once a month, just simply spray on Condition Sauce and wipe away the excess. The product is designed to lightly penetrate into the Vinyl/Leather to moisturize and protect the material without leaving greasy residue.

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