Chain Guard

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Lone Star Marine has developed the chain guard in order to reduce the noise of the chain going over the deck rollers and hawse pipes, as well as protect the boat from bumps and scrapes.

The Lone Star chain guard uses a thicker, stiffer material in a tight weave pattern. The result is a hardwearing guard with a larger minimum diameter. These important traits reduce the fingertrap effect and allows the guard to be applied much easier than alternatives, and will outlast most other materials available.

Comes in 8, 10 & 12 metre lengths and can fit both 6mm and 8mm chain.

  • Prevents scaring fish away by reducing noise
  • Further prevents chain damage to your boat surfaces
  • Long-lasting material (ticker and stiffer tight weave pattern)
  • Comes in 8m, 10m and 12m lengths
  • Suitable for 6mm and 8mm chain

Installation Instructions:

  1. Remove anchor from swivel.
  2. Bunch the chain guard onto your anchor swivel and pull down over your chain. This will take around 10-15 minutes. Every 2 meters pull the end of the chain guard away from the swivel to stretch it out.
  3. When the chain guard reaches the end, put 2 cables ties through the chain guard and the last link of chain.
  4. Get one person to hold this end and the other to stretch the chain tight. All links should be end to end inside the guard. Place a cable tie every 1.5m through the middle of the chain guard and chain link.
  5. After doing this you will reach the anchor swivel, cable tie twice through the end.
  6. Cut off the excess and remove any frays gently with a lighter.
  7. Replace your anchor and you can now anchor with some stealth.
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