What Is The Best Electric Boat Winch?

May 11, 2022

Everything you need to know about Electric Drum Anchor Winches!

Electric boat winch technology has come along way, making boating easier and ensuring you no longer have to hurt your back pulling up your anchor and chain! Two of the world’s leading anchor winch brands are Lone Star Marine and Viper. Davey Marine stands behind these powerhouse brands which can be fitted to your boat in our state-of-the-art workshop.

How do you choose the right sized anchor winch for your boat? It is actually more important to choose the amount and size of rope and chain that you need to suit your boating applications. One thing that you should not choose your winch around is the power of the motor. All Lone Star Marine and Viper Anchor Winches are engineered to ensure you have enough power and torque to do the job.

What Makes Lone Star Marine Winches Different?

Lone Star Marine are Australian Made, ensuring you are getting the best quality that is on offer. The GX Series by Lone Star have become one of the best-selling winches in the market. The GX Series has a winch size to suit any style and size of boat. For recreational vessels the GX Series has 5 models starting at the GX1 winch, perfect for boats to 6m, and up to the GX4 winch for boats to 12m. The GX Series by Lone Star then also covers you for charter and large vessels with the GX5 for boats to 20m and the GX6 Jumbo winch for boats over 20m. With a Lone Star Winch you are not only getting unbeatable quality, but you are supporting Australian Made!

What are the different Lone Star models for?

The GX1 Anchor Winch is the smallest winch in the GX series but is one of the fastest and most powerful 200mm drum anchor winch on the market. With a 600W motor and oversizes gearing this GX1 micro anchor winch combo is suitable for small anchor wells and able to be fitted to boats up to 6m.

The GX2 Anchor Winch has a huge 1000W motor and ideal for wet wells and deck mounts. The GX2 Winch Combo is suitable for boats up to 6.5m and has a fast drop and retrieval rating. The GX2 Lone Star Drum Winch is the most popular winch from the Lone Star range. The GX2 also has 5 rope and chain options to suit your vessel. The new GX2-HD is also now available for those needing a bit more!

The GX3 Anchor Winch has been designed for the large trailer boat and commercial fisherman. The GX3 Winch Combo packs in a huge 1500W motor and is suitable for boats to 9m in wet wells and deck mounts! Like all GX series winches you get everything you need for installation inside the box.

The GX4 Anchor Winch is the largest of the recreational boater and has been designed for XHD loads with a solid frame. The GX4 Winch Combo is for boats up to 12m and has a 1500W (12v) or 2000W (24v) motor. The GX4 is a reliable drum winch and has more than enough power to do the job!

The GX5 Charter King is a mean machine! The GX4 has a huge 2300W (12v) or 2800W (24v) motor and a 420mm drum that is larger than needed, but ensures you are covered for a lifetime of winching! The Charter King is for boats to 15 - 20m and takes anchor winching to the next level.

The GX6 Jumbo Anchor Winch is your solution for commercial fisherman and large vessels over 20m. The GX6 winch has a massive single stage gearbox that simply delivers every time! This model can be ordered on request.

Do you need any Lone Star Accessories?

Lone Star Marine have a fantastic array of drum winch accessories to ensure you are set up properly on your vessel. From wiring looms to bow sprits, Davey Marine can help find the right accessories you need for your GX Series winch. 

  • Lone Star Marine have provided premade wiring loom cables cut to length, complete with tinned lugs and epoxy filled heat shrink. All anchor winches must be wired in to operate and these premade cables are the way to go! Lone Star Wiring Looms are available in 3 sizes to suit your needs or can be custom made on enquiry.
  • Lone Star Marine stock a high volume of drum anchor winch rope & chain, carrying up to 5000 spools at all times. Lone Star have a fantastic reputation for drum winch rope. With 20+ standard rope & chain configurations for easy customization for your winch model and anchoring requirements.
  • The CX Bow Sprit range are a durable heavy gauge 316 stainless steel. With a wider opening the CX range is suitable for almost any anchor and style. These are a static spirit with no hinge or moving parts ensuring they last!
  • Lone Star Deck Rollers are a curved design for better line lay and higher capacity. The also have ability to adjust your height and are HD UV stabilised for longevity.
  • The Lone Star Hawse Pipe is ideal for boats with no anchor well. Used when the winch drum is more than 150mm from the top deck and keeps rain out of your boat. The Hawse Pipe comes in two sizes, the Mini-Wide for GX1 & GX2 winches and the Wide Hawse pipe if for GX3+. The Lone Star Hawse Pipe Covers are also perfect for those tricky installations with a curved top deck.
  • Lone Star Marine has developed the chain guard in order to reduce the noise of the chain going over the deck rollers and hawse pipes, as well as protect the boat from bumps and scrapes. The Lone Star chain guard uses a thicker, stiffer material in a tight weave pattern. The result is a hardwearing guard with a larger minimum diameter.
  • The Anchor Swivel for drum winches helps to keep your Anchor moving into alignment as it enters the bow sprit and prevents twists in your Rope or chain and is made from stainless steel.
  • The Lone Star MMX anchors feature a lead free/hoop free design. The innovative retrieval slide drops all the way to the head for 170 degree retrieval in rock or reef. Stabilizing wings and a folded drop tip design ensure excellent setting immediately and reduce the chance of the anchor breaking free in a tide change.


Viper Are World-class Winches

The Viper Series of drum anchor winches have a 5-year warranty and come in 4 sizes. Viper anchor winches are made from a submersible 316 stainless steel and are equipped with emergency manual release incase of power loss. Viper anchor winchers are developed and built by Bell Marine, who are stainless steel specialists.

What Are The Viper S-Series Drum Winch Models?

The Viper Micro 1000 Anchor Winch is an incredibly powerful drum winch for its size. This drum winch is perfect for 4 – 8m bow riders, tinnies, walk arounds and any boat that has a small anchor well. The micro drum rotates at a fall rate of 45mtrs per minute.

The Viper Rapid 1000 Anchor Winch has a fall rate of 50m per minute and a retrieval rate of over 45mtrs per minute. The Viper Rapid Winch is ideal for getting on your GPS mark! This drum winch is suitable for vessels 5.7m + and all Viper winches come with everything you need for instillation.

Viper also include the Gravity Feed 1000 Anchor Winch that has a crazy 138mtrs per minute fall rate. The Viper Gravity Feed acts as a freefall winch where the new drop speed ensures your anchor lands exactly where you want it every time!

Lastly, Viper also has the Pro Series II 1500/2500 Anchor Winch. This anchor winch is the most powerful in the Viper range and is made for large and commercial vessels from 8m. The pro series has 55mtrs per minute fall rate and a huge rope and chain capacity.

What are the Viper Winch accessories?

Similar to Lone Star Marine, Viper Winches have a range of winch accessories to suit all styles of boats. You can match your winch size with a number of winch accessories ensuring your set up lasts a lifetime. Viper offer:

  • Viper Pro deluxe stainless steel bow rollers that are available in two styles. The fist is the single roller, while the second has 3 high performance neoprene rollers and a few extra additions.
  • Viper Pro stainless steel hawse pipes are great for small anchor wells and are available in two sizes relating to your winch size. It is also recommended to match this up with a chain sock for silent winching
  • Viper Pro stainless steel anchor rollers stop your rope and chain from damaging your deck and assist in the anchor winch operation
  • Viper Pro anchor swivels are a small but essential winch accessory. These anchor swivels reduce the chance of rope and chain getting twisted, ensuring your anchor does not come up spinning which can cause serious hull damage.


Davey Marine Are Anchor Winch Specialists!

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*Fit up pricing will depend on the winch model and boat size, quotes provided on initial enquiry