What is Panoptix Sonar?

August 11, 2021

Garmin Panoptix

Its time to take fishing to the next level with the Garmin ECHOMAP UHD Series chartplotter

Panoptix sonar by Garmin is revolutionizing sonar in the fishing industry.

This state-of-the-art technology allows you to see fish and bait swimming in real time around and under your boat, even when your boat is stationary! With the two variations, Panoptix LiveScope sonar and Panoptix All-Seeing Sonar it eliminates the waiting game and allows you to focus on the next big catch and see it in real time!

Panoptix LiveScope sonar won technology of the year award in 2018. Showing incredibly highly detailed and is very simple to interpret the live imagery coming through the scanning sonar. With the ability to see up to 200’ around your boat you can ensure you are scouting and fishing ahead of your cast!

Panoptix All-seeing Sonar is broken down into three subcategories. The first is the Panoptix forward. This includes 3 forward views; LiveVü forward can see fish moving to or from the boat, RealVü Forward, scans the area to the front of the boat creating a 3D view of the bottom, structures or fish and lastly to help avoid collisions the FrontVü shows underwater obstructions withing 300-foot range in real time.

The second is Panoptix Down, again is broken into 3 views. This first is LiveVü Down which shows real-time moving sonar images of fish swimming below your boat and can pinpoint their distance. The second is RealVü 3D Historical, this scrolls through sonar data as the boat is moving and creates a 3D map of the entre water column of everything under your boat to the bottom surface. Lastly the final Panoptix Down is the RealVü 3D Down, this scans below the boat front to back and side to side, this builds a 3D view under your boat even when idle.

This final area of Panoptix All-Seeing Sonar is the Panoptix FrontVü Sonar. This incorporates a multibeam thru-hull transducer with premium FrontVü forward looking sonar and helps you avoid running aground by displaying the bottom sea level that is in front of your boat in real time on your Chartplotters screen.

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