Keeping Your Boat Protected

August 11, 2021

D-flector Stone Guard Trailer Protection

If you are taking your boat off road, travelling on busy highways or simply heading down local streets it Is important to keep your boat safe and protected. D-Flector Marine supplied by Davey Marine provides essential protection to the vulnerable finish of your boat. The premium marine Stone Guards are an adjustable design that ensure it can be fitted to most boat and trailer designs in the market. For ski boats, fishing boats or high-end marine boats they are easy to assemble and made from a durable marine grade 316 stainless steel tubing.

D-Flector stone guards have been specifically designed to shield your boat from stones and other road debris that may hit the hull of the watercraft when being towed. This can cause stone chips, scuffs and general damage to the exterior of your vessel, not only does this look bad but but can also reduce the re-sale value of your boat in the future. The heavy-duty rip-stop mesh material is easily installed and has zippers for access when cleaning your boat.
D-Flector Marine Stone Guards are available in 3 sizes. The D-Flector Marine D450/ D500 and D600. Talk to one of our team to find the best fit for your watercraft depending on the size and shape of your boat and boat trailer.

D-Flector D500

Watch the D-Flector D500 Boat Stone Guard Features

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D-Flector Marine

Watch the D-Flector Marine in action at the boatramp

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D-Flector Marine Hits The Road

See the D-Flector Marine Stone Guard put to the off road test

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