Boatcatch: About & Installation

December 3, 2021

Boatcatch Systems

Making solo boating safer and faster!

Boatcatch has been designed for the solo traveler and has been designed to fit almost any boat and trailer, from the small alloy boats to larger fiberglass boats. The Boatcatch System is a safe, fast, driver-off/ drive on launch and retrieval system. Boatcatch is a durable system that allows you to launch and retrieve your boat in even the most sever conditions and on all types of ramps

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Made of 100% marine grade stainless steel (316). The Boatcatch is an incredibly strong and robust product that is built to last. With only three moving parts, it requires little maintenance and being highly polished, Boatcatch is a very attractive accessory to any trailer boat.

Once fitted it’s ready to use. When about to launch, you simply prepare by releasing the winch cable from your boat in the parking lot. After which, reverse the trailer into the water. Boatcatch allows you to move around until you choose to remotely pull the release leaver and calmly motor off.

Boatcatch is available in 2 sizes to suit your vessel. The Large Boatcatch coupling is best used on boats with an on-water weight up to an 8 ton maximum and the Small Boatcatch coupling from 300kgs to 1.5 ton maximum. See the full specifications below…

Operating the Boatcatch Launch & Retrieval System:

The Boatcatch allows you to launch and retrieve your boat with one or two people with ease. If you are launching with two people, the common method is one operator in the boat and the other in the car. When you get the procedure right, you will be fast in and off the water and boat ramps.

Position the trailer in the water and when ready, drive your boat in. The Boatcatch has a heavy duty pin that locates inside the eye automatically when retrieving and secures the boat upon the trailer. It’s incredibly strong so you can easily drive your vehicle to the parking lot before having to secure the winch cable.

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How to Install A Boatcatch:

Boatcatch Specifications:

Small Boatcatch System

Large Boatcatch System

Generally used for 4 - 5.9m Boats

Generally used for 6 - 12m Boats

Standard opening and pin size

Wider opening for flexible retrieval alignments

Suits standard sized trailer boats

Suits heavier boats and larger trailers

With all Boatcatch systems you will receive a universal mounting bracket, U-bolts, washers, nuts, pull cord, bow eye and spacer to suit most boats as well as a very comprehensive and clear instruction manual to help you install it yourself. If you would like an expert fit up technician to help, CLICK HERE to enquire and book in your boat for fit up in our state of the art workshop.

Boatcatch In Action