Best Furuno FCV & Transducer Combo

June 23, 2022

Wondering what the best Furuno set up for your boat is?

Furuno FCV Fish Finders are one of the most popular and angler trusted fish finders across Australia and the world. Finding the best transducer to pair with your Furuno Fish Finder can be a little overwhelming, so we have created this short blog to highlight the most popular and recommended combos. Using the right gear is important when targeting specific species, from marlin to snapper to swords. With Furuno Marine Electronics, you can have everything you need to land the fish you have been chasing!

Furuno FCVs are available in 4 sizes, starting from a 5.7" to a 12.1" colour LCD fish finder. FCV Fish Finders have a range of transducer compatibilities which are outlined below. One of the most popular transducer pairings is the Airmar SS 175 HW thru hull transducer that allows you to read at speed and you won’t lose the bottom (not compatible for a FCV 628). It is also common, more so in aluminium boats to pair your FCV with a transom mount transducer. There is a huge range of transom mount transducer available and are compatible with all sizes of FCV fish finders, please give our team a call on 1300 262 883 for all transom mount options.

The Best Selling Furuno Fish Finder:

The most popular Furuno Marine FCV Fish Finder is the FCV-588. This unit is packed with high tech marine electronics, perfect for recreational marine and fishing vessels. The Furuno FCV 588 has 1 transducer port compatible to 1kw. The recommended transducers for an FCV 588 will be an Airmar SS175 HW for a thru hull option or a TM 260 for a transom mount option. Running an SS175 HW is ideal if you are chasing Marlin, giving you clear images in the upper water column up to 140m.

If you are after a smaller screen fish finder, the FCV-628 is the one for you! This FCV can run up to 600w transducers and is recommended to be paired with a transom mount P66 transducer. This FCV and P66 transducer combo is known as the snapper slayer, a unique fish size analyser based on the latest digital technology.

What FCV & Trandsucer Combo Gives You Power?

The Furuno FCV-295 can support up to 3kw transducers without any modules to deliver crystal clear images of fish targets and bottom structures. A common combo is running the SS 175 transducers with an FCV 295, or if you are after a high frequency transducer, we recommend the 200B-8B transducer. The Furuno 295 is hard wired to its compatible transducers to ensure you get the full power of your transducer combo.

Lastly, the Furuno FCV-1150 is the powerhouse Fish Finder that is a high-performance digital fish finder that delivers a super clear view of fish targets and is used for a wide range of professional and large vessel fishing. It’s high-brightness colour LCD with AR coated glass filter provides superior, glare-free viewing even in direct sunlight, the FCV 1150 can be ordered as requested. Similar to the FCV-295, the FCV-1150 is recommended to run SS175 thru hull transducer or 200B-8B rubber transducer. The FCV-1150 is also capable or running an SCX-20 Sat Compass which is highly recommended. This combo takes out pitch and roll to make it flat by picking up satellite conditions and holds bottom in swells. Like the FCV-295, the FCV-1150 is also hard wired to get the maximum power of your transducer set up.

Are there any other Furuno transducers?

The last transducer to mention is the 82B-32R wet faced transducer. This is not a thru hull transducer and needs to be fibre glassed into the boat. Contact our workshop on 1300 262 883 for fit up. This is an adjustable frequency transducer from 66 to 113khz, allowing fine tuning in deep water. The Furuno 82B-32R is the best transducer to be paired with a Furuno FCV when chasing swords.

Furuno Marine Electronics Experts!

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