Arrowz Offshore Fishing Rod

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The Atomic Arrowz Offshore Fishing Rods is where power meets performance. This Atomic Rod has been designed to deliver the muscle and control needed for offshore angling, this series features different models.

All rods in the range are spin model in configuration, feature ultra-refined fore and rear neoprene grips. Measuring 7 feet in length, and offer outstanding value for money and unrivalled performance and power.

ModelReel SeatLengthPCSTypeRod RatingLure Weight
AAS-270HDPSM7'2Spin14 - 30lb10 - 50g
AAS-270MDPSM7'2Spin8 -16lb7 - 28g
AAS-270MHDPSM7'2Spin10 - 25lb8 - 35g
AAS-270XDPSM7'2Spin20 - 40lb20 - 80g
AAS-70HDPSM7'1Spin14 - 30lb10 - 50g
AAS-70MDPSM7'1Spin8 -16lb7 - 28g
AAS-70MHDPSM7'1Spin10 - 25lb8 - 35g
AAS-70XDPSM7'1Spin20 - 40lb20 - 80g
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