10X Heavy Duty Leader 100lb - 100m

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The Rovex 10X Mono Leader offers exceptional knot and crimp strength, making it ideal for heavy-duty sport and game fishing applications. It is made from a premium-quality heavy-duty monofilament nylon leader that offers up to 10 times the abrasion resistance of most other mono leaders of the same diameter.

The leader formula is as tough as a quality nylon leader gets and is the first choice for serious saltwater anglers targeting everything from barramundi to billfish.

  • Rovex 10X Monofilament leader is the go-to fishing leader for serious anglers chasing serious fish!
  • 10X strength for serious fish
  • Exceptional knot and crimp strength
  • 12 times the abrasion resistance
  • Advanced polymer bonding technology
  • Heavy duty monofilament
  • The toughest nylon leader on the water!
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